Board Approved Supervisor Training

Part 1 - Knowledge Assessment (10 hours CPD)

Cost $300

Part 1  is an on-line course consisting of 4 modules covering the knowledge components of supervisor training.


Module 1

  1. Definition, scope and purposes of supervision

  2. General requirements, roles and responsibilities of the board approved supervisor

  3. Best practice competency based supervision models 

  4. The 6 core competencies of supervision 

  5. The 7 methods of effective supervision

  6. Definition of the 8 board approved practice competencies

  7. Definition of meta-competency (4 elements) of the 8 board approved practice competencies 

  8. The development of best practice competency based developmental plans 

  9. Selecting appropriate assessment tasks to evaluate competencies 

  10. Ongoing evaluation and review of competency based developmental plans 


Module 2

  1. Definition of reflective practice principles 

  2. Definition of deliberate practice principles

  3. The basics of supervision conversations

  4. Managing difficult conversations in supervision

  5. Matching supervisory methods to competency types: novice to advanced

  6. Evaluation and reflection of your own supervisory practice

Module 3 

  1. The key ethical and legal aspects of supervision

  2. Common ethical issues in supervision including informed consent and confidentiality, vicarious liability, dual relationships, practising within one’s competence, duty of care, performance monitoring and evaluation, personal functioning, intervention bias and managing risk in practice

  3. Board and legal requirements in supervision around management of impairment, illness, risk and mandatory reporting. 

  4. Evaluating competence in making ethical judgments

Module 4 

  1. Practice and supervisory requirements for 4+2 pathway to registration

  2. Practice and supervisory requirements for 5+1 pathway to registration

  3. Practice and supervisory requirements for professional master’s pathway to registration

  4. Practice and supervisory requirements for University Placement programs

  5. Practice and supervisory requirements for registrar training programs

  6. The National Psychology Exam

Learning materials 
Participants in this course will be provided with instructional text on each topic, along with reading materials and links to board registration guidelines and standards and external resources if applicable. Multimedia instructional material will be provided to support course content.


Prerequisite Registration Requirements

Participants in this course will be psychologists who have held general registration for at least eighteen months in accordance with the requirements of the Psychology Board of Australia. This information will be verified at registration. 


Completion of Assessment
Participants in this course must successfully complete the on-line assessment in order to pass the course and obtain a Certificate of Completion.


Timeframes for Completion 
Access to the online course will be for 3 months from the initial enrolment date. Participants who do not manage to complete the course within three months of registering will be deemed to have failed the course.



This Course will be available online from

December 1st 2019


A confirmation of your enrolment and course instructions including a secure login to the STREAM Psychology learning portal will be emailed to you .

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