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Board Approved Supervisor Training

Part 3 - Competency Based Assessment and Evaluation (10 hours CPD)

Part 3 of supervisor training will require the trainee supervisors to submit audio-visual recordings of a supervision planning session and a progress session where a supervision plan is reviewed and assessed. The person fulfilling the role of supervisee may be another psychologist or colleague who agrees to act in the supervisee role as participant but have not yet gained board approved supervision status.


The following key competencies will be assessed against the submitted recorded supervision sessions:


  1. Demonstrated acknowledgement of the supervisor’s ethical responsibilities to the supervisee as client such as consent for the  trainee supervisor to record and upload a recording of the supervision session for the purpose of assessment 

  2. Ability to support the supervisee in designing a competency-based plan for supervision 

  3. Ability to make sound ethical judgments in relation to common ethical problems arising in supervision

  4. Ability to articulate methods of evaluating assessment and intervention competencies of trainees

  5. Ability to develop, monitor and maintain supervisory alliance skills during plan development and review

  6. Ability to demonstrate appropriate feedback using and deliberate and reflective-practice competencies 


Timeframes for Submission
Participants in this course must successfully complete the online assessment of the audio-visual recording in order to pass the course and obtain a Certificate of Completion. 
Timeframes for submission for Part 3 of the supervisor training program will be for 6 months from the date of successful completion of Part 2 of the supervisor training program. Participants who do not submit the recordings within this 6 month period will be deemed to have failed the course 


Prerequisite requirements

Trainee supervisors undertaking Part 3 of supervisor training will be required to provide documented evidence that they have completed Part 2: Skills Training or its equivalent with a Board-approved supervisor trainer within but not exceeding a period of 6 months since their completion of that training

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