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Board Approved Supervisor Training

Part - 4  Masterclass

Advanced Clinical Supervision Masterclass Workshop- Translating Professional Competencies into (Actual) Client Outcomes

(1 day/7 hours CPD) Cost: $550 (GST included)


To maintain Board Approved Supervisor status, supervisors must undertake a Part 4 (Masterclass) face to face training program every five years to update skills and knowledge. All psychologists wishing to undertake the BAS training must meet the eligibility criteria for PsyBA approval.


This Master class workshop is a cutting edge evidence based relational interactive workshop aimed at delivering experiential learning based on 4 key principles: 

Competence Based Supervision

Reflective Practice

Outcomes-Based Supervision

Deliberate and Purposeful Practice


Course Outline

Competency based approach to supervision

Integrating reflective practice with competency based supervision
Integrating deliberate practice with competency based supervision
Evaluating supervisees via core competencies
Evaluating supervisees via monitoring client outcomes
Emerging new digital platforms to monitor therapeutic outcomes
Updates on recent changes to guidelines, forms pathways and exam information

Advanced Masterclass workshop systematic assessment


Learning Objectives

An increased understanding of competency based supervision concepts.

An increased understanding of Outcome Based supervision tools and new digital technologies

Experience in reflective, deliberate and purposeful practice

Experiential learning through supportive exercises and discussions.

Assessed as competent upon successful completion of the Masterclass

Eligibility to continue practising as a board approved supervisor (BAS)

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