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Real-Time Health Outcomes Utilising

AI and Biometric and Psychometric Data Analysis.

Sensei Health is an integrated AI approach to mental health and wellbeing which brings together cutting edge physical and mental health technology to measure real time individual and group metrics (data), to scientifically inform and deliver responsive and reflexive best practice mental and physical health support with measurable outcomes.


  • AI technology is enabled to continuously process the metric data stream to measure physical and mental health and wellbeing in real time, identify individual and group anomalies within data and offer predictive and informative strategic responses from normative data comparisons (industry Index).

  • There is no other technology available today that that can easily measure, interpret and integrate this information to track outcomes in physical and mental health and wellbeing on an easy to use dashboard. 

  • Mobile phones, combined with wearable devices (WD) such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, E Skin etc gives the ability to collect and store quantitative aggregate de-identified metric data of an employee.

  • Our number 1 priority is to “Ensure the Privacy of Employee’s Personal Data”. As such, all personal data is “washed” and all identifying personal information is removed before the aggregate data is analysed through Sensei. Military grade encryption is activated on all cloud storage data to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

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